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Born & raised on Rosehill Street in Philly in the heart of the Kensington neighborhood and right across the street from Adrian's house in the Rocky movie. But my thoughts were always in the country, in the woods, farm country, distant places, anywhere there were adventures to be had including years of scuba diving all along the Atlantic coast including the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic' off North Carolina's Cape Hatteras, in water-filled Florida caves and on beautiful reefs and WWII shipwrecks in the South Pacific.

From an early age 'photography' gripped my interest and inspired me to lug everything from my Brownie Hawkeye camera and a pocket full of ‘blue flashbulbs’ to my current Nikon F6 film camera and SB-600 Speedlight wherever I travelled, always on the alert for something that 'caught my eye'.

While the equipment has changed, the enthusiasm and that same urge to capture on film that something, whatever it is, that simply caught my eye hasn't changed a bit. You can see some of those things that caught my eye on this website. But I have 'boxes' of 35mm slides to go through, picking out those rare special shots for scanning and digitizing, work in Photoshop and eventually making their way to my website here or on my recent  ETSY Shop as well.  So, it might not hurt to check back now and then for updates of any new, special images that "caught my eye"!

For your information, all prints purchased from my website are produced by a top-rated professional print lab and are available in an almost unlimited selection of print sizes and media ranging from Kodak Endura photo paper varieties to fine arts papers, canvas, metal and acrylic metal media for impressive wall-art for home or office.

Check Here or just click on the Portfolio button on the menu bar for a ‘Website Overview’ and access to multiple galleries of images that may interest you.

In addition to photographic prints, I also offer photo editing and restoration services to restore damaged or faded old family photos or to simply make the most of your newer film or digital photos that could use some help to make them look their best or perhaps be capable of enlargement for framing.

Look Here for further information on current photo restoration services (you’ll also see examples of my photo restoration work in the ‘Website Overview’ link referenced above).

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to discuss a possible photo editing project you have in mind – best way to contact me initially is via the Contact button on the Menu Bar (or the little envelope below). I’m in Glenside, Pa so if you’re local I can always meet up with you at your convenience.

Jerry Keenehan

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