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Ocracoke Island NC

Sea Shell & Driftwood, North End, Ocracoke Island NC 2004

Some days the beach is covered in shells, other times it's clean - on this day only this shell was left showing as the water receded.

Nothing like a walk in the woods, a stroll on the beach, wandering city streets or faraway places and having that camera along - just in case something 'catches your eye'.

Born & raised on Rosehill Street in Philly in the heart of the Kensington neighborhood and right across the street from Adrian's house in the Rocky movie. But my thoughts were always in the country, in the woods, farm country, distant places, anywhere there were adventures to be had.  

And I had some great adventures in scuba diving, too, as you can see from the contented look on my face aboard the 'Midnight Express' out of Morehead City NC in 2005. For 'great' offshore wreck-diving adventures, be sure to check out 'Olympus Dive Center' in Morehead City NC.

I am currently in the process of a complete revamping / update of my website with the objective of providing a source for the purchase of professional quality prints or the licensing of hi-resolution digital images for personal or commercial use along with a photo restoration service. Click on 'Products' on the Menu Bar to see current offerings.

In addition to prints available through any of the Galleries on my website, I have also created separate galleries of custom 5x7 notecards with the image on front, blank inside and some brief information about the image on the back.  You will find these along with the various groups of images under the 'Portfolio' option on the Menu Bar, or you can click on 'Products' / 'Notecards' for a direct link to the individual categories of notecards. 

Please contact me  if you have any questions or special requests regarding any of the images that you see on my website.

Jerry Keenehan

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